Nursing Options


We have available many interesting positions across many different clinical settings and geographical locations nationally – what you do choose to do is entirely up to you.
Acclaim Recruitment can offer you two pathways to working in Australia. Both options – the Travel Nurse Program or Direct Hospital Sponsorship, offer stability in work and travel opportunities.
Travel Nurse Program
One of Acclaim Recruitment’s innovative programs is the Travel Nurse Program. This program allows you to match your clinical experience and geographical preference with the facility that’s right for you for one to six month contracts. We are often able to offer travel assistance between assignments and provide free or subsidised accommodation, as well as help you settle in to your new workplace and location.
•    Working Holiday Visa Travellers
This visa allows you to work and play whenever you wish – the only restriction is that you can only be employed by the same employer for a period of up to three months. 
Please contact us before you leave home and we will ensure that everything is in place for you to commence work in Australia as soon as possible upon your arrival.
We will provide you with job security and peace of mind knowing that your first assignment in Australia is totally organised for you! Once you get here, keep us informed of your travel plans and we will coordinate your entire working holiday in Australia. It’s that easy!!
Sponsorship by Acclaim Recruitment
Acclaim Recruitment will sponsor you to work in Australia for a minimum period of 12 months. You will be able to work short-term contracts as well as casual day-to-day work.
This option is a good choice if you want to travel around Australia and enjoy the flexibility of short duration nursing assignments.
Direct hospital sponsorship
Acclaim Recruitment will find you a suitable long-term contract with the one hospital and a minimum sign-on of 12 months.
This option will suit you if you have a destination in mind and are happy to remain in the same job and location for the duration of the contract. On completion of your contract, you may wish to stay on with your employer or let us know your plans and we will be only too happy to assist you further with your journey in Australia.
Both of these options will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to explore one or more destinations and experience the great Australian lifestyle.
We hope that you will come to visit this great land and grow from the professional opportunities available. We know that travelling Australia is an adventure of a lifetime, and that you won’t be disappointed in what Australia has to offer.


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